"Nick Mauldin was absolutely terrific as Brett. Asking pointed questions to Evan and the others without appearing to be over-critical or condescending he struck just the right balance. When we really got to know him, later in the play, he too was able to show a deep vulnerability which fully rounded the character." - Christopher Kelsey's review of Hair of the Dog for Broadway Baby

"Among the carnage and the madding crowd, Mauldin’s vile flatfish stands out. Ten minutes of pure vitriol, enough to put you off halibut for life." - James Prestridge's review of The Dip for Close-Up Culture

"...not enough can be said of Nick Mauldin’s Officer Flatfish. It simply has to been seen to be believed.." - Jake Mace's review of The Dip for Binge Fringe Magazine

"Nick Mauldin strikes real presence in all his characters but it is as the terrifyingly odd Captain Flatfish where he reveals himself (maybe a bit too much) as an accomplished performer. Nick totally steals the show in the last few scenes." - Christopher Kelsey's review of The Dip for Broadway Baby

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"The composer, played by Nick Mauldin, looks like he should be performing at rock concerts rather than Opera houses. The drama is filled with scandal, shouting, dancing, and even crawling on the floor, making for so many entertaining scenes that audiences won’t know where to look. Our bet is on Mozart." - Leah Rose's review of Amadeus for Houstonia Magazine




Best Sci-Fi/Horror




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